Friday, October 17, 2014

Woolies... I'm Impressed!!!

Menu planning is going to pay off soon... Woolies click and collect shopping is my new best friend!  Ok, maybe not, but close to!!  

We trailed this week working from my menu plan and I swear the groceries were cheaper in the long run as there were no impulse buys added to the trolly.  I did my "shop" at midnight last night ad Nathan collected it on his way home from work this afternoon - soooo easy!!!  Oh and there was a free sample tossed into one of my bags as well ;)  

It's going to well and truly be used during the heat of summer!!!  We can live like hermits and not have to leave our air conditioner (very likely my REAL best friend in summer) and have all our food and groceries organised, hand picked and collected with only spending a maximum of 10 minutes in the actual shop!!!  

I know, I'm still going to go shopping at least once a fortnight to get out and and because it's nice to feel interactive and "human" every now and then ;)  LOL  

Oooooohhhh I just realised, I can miss the big Christmas crowds!!!  I likey!!!!!  :D

PS - Oct 20, 2014

on unpacking we were missing half my parmesan cheese that I ordered and paid for.  I was offered a refund on my card for the amount missing which would take 3-4 days to process or we could collect the missing item from the shop.  We chose the latter, but so far haven't had success collecting said item due to our own time constraints.  Hopefully when hubby goes to the store today there won't be too much of an issue... To miss almost half a kilo of parmesan, which in itself isn't a cheap item was a bit disappointing as we were relying on it for dinner over the weekend...  Maybe we need to build in back up plans to our menu-planning and shopping regimes!

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