Monday, October 27, 2014

Menu Plan Monday

We are starting to have warmer days meaning possibility of BBQ's woohoo!!!  Also the family are enjoying changing things up with new recipes and flavours :)

MENU PLAN: October 30th - November 5th

Monday Monday...

Monday blues digging in...

Oh and menu planning is about to start...  

We've had a horrible weekend... lots of friction and niggles happening. I can't blame the full moon either.  It's left me feeling very flat and down this morning.  

I'm at the point where I'm feeling very unsupported with my decision to do this diploma - to the point there was a comment that I didn't get permission to start it in the first place - I mean what the!?!?!  

Anyways...  trying to schedule 15-20 hours into a week which is already packed with raising the children, dinner times, housework, Dommys therapy, Aerynns migraine treatment and documenting and being a solo parent most of these hours is almost insurmountable.  I honestly don't know how I can think I can do it! I was going to the library on Saturdays when Mr A worked and that was successful... 5-6 hours of solitude and study...  that's been taken away with Nathan now umpiring cricket...  All I have now is Sunday and the library hours are skewed, and do I really need to take an hour out just to travel there to start with?  Just so stressed and not wanting to make the wrong decision about whether to continue or not.

I think that's what has me down the most... I was looking forward to getting this diploma done, learning something new and forging a career I can manage from home no matter what the kids or life throw at me...         

anyways, trying to be positive and perk up... It's miss K's 15th birthday today so hanging on as much as possible...  routine might help... off to work out the menu for the week! 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

PAD Oct 8-14

October 8: H is for... Heavenly Hair

It has taken a lot of patience for Aerynns hair to grow.  It is so fine and brittle that it breaks as soon as you look at it so it would seem.  It's taken 3 years for it to grown long enough to even brush her shoulders!  We love her ringlets and that we can now do girly pony tails.  Hopefully, with a little more patience (and maybe another 3 years worth of growth) we can start looking at braids!!!



October 9:  I is for... International IRun4 Inspiration

IRun4 is a wonderful international organisation which pairs runners up with individuals (mostly children) who have limitations (probably the least complicated explanation).  The whole group is one great big pool of inspiration, positivity and celebration of everyones milestones; be it as simple as learning to walk, having a few days without illness or a runner running their first 5k or a marathon. It started with a single pairing, and has grown into a wonderful group with thousands of matches, the website shares the full story so I won't go into it here.  

Aerynn has been blessed with a gorgeous runner.  She loves "My Emily" (as opposed to her big brothers girlfriends who is also an Emalee, for Aerynn she is "Aleks' Emalee")  Around her birthday Aerynn received a beautiful package fro the USA with some medals Emily had received from some of her runs which she dedicated to Aerynn, as well as some photos (and a gift for her birthday - part of which is the skirt she is wearing in this photo)  Aerynn loves the medals, and will hold them whenever she can, particularly when feeling a bit off, she will look at the photos telling us that this is her Emily who loves her all the way over the water <3

There is also a sister group so family members who are the unsung heroes in families with individuals of additional needs can also be held up and celebrated.  William has his own buddy through that group, Tammy is also from the USA.

Such a simple idea, a simple concept for a group but a while lot of inspiration fro some special children and some awesome runners who go out of their way to bring awareness and smiles all around the world.  

BTW, IRun4 is looking for families who would like to join the family.  They have a list of runners who are eager to be matched to a buddy and start dedicating their runs and inspire each other - alternatively runners are always welcome to join.  Please check the group out here: Who I Run 4 or on Facebook here: IRun4 Michael



  October 10:  J is for... Jumpin' Jehosaphat!!!

Look what just hatched!!!!!



October 11: K is for... Kahli!!!


October 12: L is for... Luscious Long Lashes on our Little Lassie


October 13:  M is for... Managing Mealtime

We have a family of magpies who brought their babies out of their nest for the time today and were teaching them to scratch and forage in the paddock behind us.  Mr and Mrs Magpie are very placid for us,  probably helps we allow them to come and finish off the chicken scraps and feed them the odd tidbit as well ;)  It pays of though.  They don't swoop us and will almost eat out of our hand and allow us super close (although we didn't even try to get close while their babies were out today!)  Apparently they make a rather brilliant pet - not sure on the legalities of keeping a pet maggie though ;)


October 14: N is for... New Dress

Aerynn was not quite sure about modelling in the crisp weather we were experiencing today though...


Menu Planning... again, not quite Monday...

We had some great success with last weeks menu plan.  The family absolutely loved the vegetable frittata and home made fettuccine Alfredo :)  It was nice to know that my planning and searching for new recipes is paying off!

This week looks like a nightmare on paper with appointments etc so I'm going to give the online shopping another go.  It's not our preferred supermarket, but sometimes we need to sacrifice the comfortable for the realistic ;)  Here's hoping Woolies get our order right this week!!!

MENU PLAN: October 23-29th

Friday, October 17, 2014

Woolies... I'm Impressed!!!

Menu planning is going to pay off soon... Woolies click and collect shopping is my new best friend!  Ok, maybe not, but close to!!  

We trailed this week working from my menu plan and I swear the groceries were cheaper in the long run as there were no impulse buys added to the trolly.  I did my "shop" at midnight last night ad Nathan collected it on his way home from work this afternoon - soooo easy!!!  Oh and there was a free sample tossed into one of my bags as well ;)  

It's going to well and truly be used during the heat of summer!!!  We can live like hermits and not have to leave our air conditioner (very likely my REAL best friend in summer) and have all our food and groceries organised, hand picked and collected with only spending a maximum of 10 minutes in the actual shop!!!  

I know, I'm still going to go shopping at least once a fortnight to get out and and because it's nice to feel interactive and "human" every now and then ;)  LOL  

Oooooohhhh I just realised, I can miss the big Christmas crowds!!!  I likey!!!!!  :D

PS - Oct 20, 2014

on unpacking we were missing half my parmesan cheese that I ordered and paid for.  I was offered a refund on my card for the amount missing which would take 3-4 days to process or we could collect the missing item from the shop.  We chose the latter, but so far haven't had success collecting said item due to our own time constraints.  Hopefully when hubby goes to the store today there won't be too much of an issue... To miss almost half a kilo of parmesan, which in itself isn't a cheap item was a bit disappointing as we were relying on it for dinner over the weekend...  Maybe we need to build in back up plans to our menu-planning and shopping regimes!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Menu Planning.... well, not quite monday ;)

I'm going to admit it right here, right now... I think I have bitten off more than I can chew with starting my web design diploma BUT that is coming from an over tired, poorly rested  and stressed out mumma, not the supremely rested, on top of things organised super mum I'm hoping one day to become...  I know it's just a small target eh, not that big a deal ;)  Miracles can happen ;)

Honesty, I need to get some more support in place around home, get the rosters back up and working and allow myself some breathing space.  School only went back from holidays this week so we are only on day 2 of school being back and commencing our regular routine... I need to allow time for the last 8 weeks in particular to settle...  We've had 3 children with urgent medical assessments, crisis after crisis to attend to and Ive not allowed myself time to stop and smell the roses as such... I need to recover because it's taken some time, but I'm realising that I can't stay strong 100% of the time...  Mamma time out is needed ;)

Of course as mammas we never rest, so becoming organised and rational is part of my "time out" processing...  rather sad eh, that organisation and the housework is my break away hahaha

so back to the point of this post...  MENU PLANNING!!!!

We have 2 chest freezers full of beef at the moment after we had one of our steers butchered.  Lots of beef and mince will be on the menu as a result.  Let's get these iron levels rising!!!!  :D

MENU PLAN: October 16 - 22nd

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Organised Chaos!

Augh Doncha love it when you doze off mid post and lose half your post :/

Well I can't even remember what I wrote.  Sure it most likely prize winning (pfft who am I kidding?) but that's not the point LOL

I think I was rambling on about needing to get organised and start building more structure in the household.  Having Miss K home the last 5 weeks before school holidays and all the appointments being thrown our way with very little warning has left the whole family organisational thing in shambles.  Time to rectify that!!!

The kitchen is going to be the one room I concentrate on the first week the kids are back at school.  I have to be able to provide and prepare meals for them comfortable and efficiently.  

I also need to get back into regular meal planning and organising the pantry areas!  It's going to take a lot of effort and preparation to get there but I'm hoping once done at least one section of our lives will be organised and run smoothly (wishful thinking possibly LOL)  I've recently stumbled upon a fantastic blog and website called The Pioneer Woman which I'm going to use to help put some things in place.  

Todays plan... organising meals for the next week using as much from the cupboards as possible...

MENU PLAN: October 9 - 15

  •  Thursday: Lamb Casserole
  •  Friday: Homemade Pizza
  •  Saturday: 
    • Lunch - Toasted Cheese Sandwiches (chicken, tomato and ham fillings)
    • Dinner - Porcupine Meatballs and Mashed Potato
  •  Sunday:
    • Lunch - Pancakes
    • Dinner -  Roast - TBA  with roast veg
  •  Monday:  Chicken and Chorizo Risotto
  •  Tuesday: Steak with Veg
  •  Wednesday: Ruby's Evening

    Snacks/Recess: Condensed Milk Cookies and Choc Chip Muffins

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

PAD Oct 1-7

A new month has arrived and I'm going to keep up...  seriously... well going to do my best ;)

October has an alphabetical and numerical theme...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A is for... Aleksandir and Aerynn and an Awesome Sunset <3  

B is for... BUGGER!!!  The Big Boys Blue Beast 
Broke Down :(

C is for... the Colossal Collapsing Cake 
Catastrophe of 2014

the photo says it all... Making Domeniks Lego cake did NOT go to plan.  Thankfully he still had a wonderful 6th birthday and the cake tasted yummy despite it's appearance ;)

D is for... our Devilishly Dishevelled and
Delightful Domenik

I know it's not the most technically correct of images but it kept calling for attention

E is for... Early Evening Excavation of Earth

Today we planted our tomatoes!!!  Everything is crossed they grow 
well this year and we get a lovely crop worthy of their 
namesake - Braggers :)


F is for... a Fascinating Family of Flies
Flitting through the Fragrant Flowers

Not what I had planned for today as the weather
 spoiled out plans, but then you get that :)

G is for... our Gorgeous Girl in a Gloriously Glowing Golden sunset <3

Monday, October 6, 2014

Dear Diary....

I'm done.  

Feeling so low.  

Spent, exhausted, emotional...  fraying at the edges.

I know tomorrow I will find the strength to go on...

Apparently Mercury is in retrograde or something like that, and there is a full moon due in 2 days time.  That coupled with the $hitty weather we are having at the moment probably isn't helping regulate my mood.

I should be happy we finally got a diagnosis for Mr D, but I am now left trying to make the right decisions for him, the pressure for getting this NDIS stuff right is so high!  We have to make suer he is coping at school, he is supported everywhere and balance that with ensuring we don't support too much so he can still extend himself and grow as much as possible.  I am feeling very very isolated as there is so much support and assistance in the cities, here in the boondocks there is pretty much nothing.  Even the local ASD support group is questionable at times :/  

We continue to try and build a relationship with Miss K.... and fail miserably.  I don't know how much more I can put in there and continue to be slapped around.  Not literally, well, not at the moment...  I struggle to comprehend how we can be told that she is the way she is because of moving and disruptions during childhood when her brothers display no actions like she does - not even her autistic older brother!  Surely if they have had the same experience and upbringing and our choices created a mental issue then the autistic child should struggle the most with subsequent social skills?  Instead he is doing well at school, holding down a job and has a girlfriend!!!  My head is struggling to justify it all....  I know we have been told there may be an underlying mental condition but that keeps being pushed to the wayside and blame thrown back at us all the time...  

I'm broken I think.  Just broken, drained and done in....

Miss A has been started on medication now for migraines.  It has side effects, hopefully she won't get many.  It should also help her allergies and increase her appetite which are positives.  Just watching her and noting anything unusual... it's hard to try and work out what is unusual in a girl who is already a "medical enigma"  But we have noticed her moods already going downhill.. or is that the full moon and mercury stuff affecting her too??

Then we also deal with Mr T being non-verbal and possible severe to profound hearing loss.  I don't know at times if he isn't hearing us... But then the only thing that could explain his non-verbalness if it isn't hearing loss is autism... I don't think I can deal with a third autistic child!  I know if that is the case we will, but my heart is breaking to think that our perfect men are possible being afflicted with this condition.  

I feel so guilty that either genetically or situationally we have apparently harmed all our children.  Despite our best efforts we have failed and now we have to try and pick up the pieces and go on.  I don't know if I can anymore... I really don't...

And if I say anything publicly it is whining, complaining, attention seeking...  

I need somewhere to debrief and work through all this...  It seems I can't comment anywhere without negativity so I find myself back here.  

I know I will probably be a bit stronger in the morning...  Hopefully...