Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Menu Planning.... well, not quite monday ;)

I'm going to admit it right here, right now... I think I have bitten off more than I can chew with starting my web design diploma BUT that is coming from an over tired, poorly rested  and stressed out mumma, not the supremely rested, on top of things organised super mum I'm hoping one day to become...  I know it's just a small target eh, not that big a deal ;)  Miracles can happen ;)

Honesty, I need to get some more support in place around home, get the rosters back up and working and allow myself some breathing space.  School only went back from holidays this week so we are only on day 2 of school being back and commencing our regular routine... I need to allow time for the last 8 weeks in particular to settle...  We've had 3 children with urgent medical assessments, crisis after crisis to attend to and Ive not allowed myself time to stop and smell the roses as such... I need to recover because it's taken some time, but I'm realising that I can't stay strong 100% of the time...  Mamma time out is needed ;)

Of course as mammas we never rest, so becoming organised and rational is part of my "time out" processing...  rather sad eh, that organisation and the housework is my break away hahaha

so back to the point of this post...  MENU PLANNING!!!!

We have 2 chest freezers full of beef at the moment after we had one of our steers butchered.  Lots of beef and mince will be on the menu as a result.  Let's get these iron levels rising!!!!  :D

MENU PLAN: October 16 - 22nd

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