Thursday, October 9, 2014

Organised Chaos!

Augh Doncha love it when you doze off mid post and lose half your post :/

Well I can't even remember what I wrote.  Sure it most likely prize winning (pfft who am I kidding?) but that's not the point LOL

I think I was rambling on about needing to get organised and start building more structure in the household.  Having Miss K home the last 5 weeks before school holidays and all the appointments being thrown our way with very little warning has left the whole family organisational thing in shambles.  Time to rectify that!!!

The kitchen is going to be the one room I concentrate on the first week the kids are back at school.  I have to be able to provide and prepare meals for them comfortable and efficiently.  

I also need to get back into regular meal planning and organising the pantry areas!  It's going to take a lot of effort and preparation to get there but I'm hoping once done at least one section of our lives will be organised and run smoothly (wishful thinking possibly LOL)  I've recently stumbled upon a fantastic blog and website called The Pioneer Woman which I'm going to use to help put some things in place.  

Todays plan... organising meals for the next week using as much from the cupboards as possible...

MENU PLAN: October 9 - 15

  •  Thursday: Lamb Casserole
  •  Friday: Homemade Pizza
  •  Saturday: 
    • Lunch - Toasted Cheese Sandwiches (chicken, tomato and ham fillings)
    • Dinner - Porcupine Meatballs and Mashed Potato
  •  Sunday:
    • Lunch - Pancakes
    • Dinner -  Roast - TBA  with roast veg
  •  Monday:  Chicken and Chorizo Risotto
  •  Tuesday: Steak with Veg
  •  Wednesday: Ruby's Evening

    Snacks/Recess: Condensed Milk Cookies and Choc Chip Muffins

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