Tuesday, October 21, 2014

PAD Oct 8-14

October 8: H is for... Heavenly Hair

It has taken a lot of patience for Aerynns hair to grow.  It is so fine and brittle that it breaks as soon as you look at it so it would seem.  It's taken 3 years for it to grown long enough to even brush her shoulders!  We love her ringlets and that we can now do girly pony tails.  Hopefully, with a little more patience (and maybe another 3 years worth of growth) we can start looking at braids!!!



October 9:  I is for... International IRun4 Inspiration

IRun4 is a wonderful international organisation which pairs runners up with individuals (mostly children) who have limitations (probably the least complicated explanation).  The whole group is one great big pool of inspiration, positivity and celebration of everyones milestones; be it as simple as learning to walk, having a few days without illness or a runner running their first 5k or a marathon. It started with a single pairing, and has grown into a wonderful group with thousands of matches, the website shares the full story so I won't go into it here.  

Aerynn has been blessed with a gorgeous runner.  She loves "My Emily" (as opposed to her big brothers girlfriends who is also an Emalee, for Aerynn she is "Aleks' Emalee")  Around her birthday Aerynn received a beautiful package fro the USA with some medals Emily had received from some of her runs which she dedicated to Aerynn, as well as some photos (and a gift for her birthday - part of which is the skirt she is wearing in this photo)  Aerynn loves the medals, and will hold them whenever she can, particularly when feeling a bit off, she will look at the photos telling us that this is her Emily who loves her all the way over the water <3

There is also a sister group so family members who are the unsung heroes in families with individuals of additional needs can also be held up and celebrated.  William has his own buddy through that group, Tammy is also from the USA.

Such a simple idea, a simple concept for a group but a while lot of inspiration fro some special children and some awesome runners who go out of their way to bring awareness and smiles all around the world.  

BTW, IRun4 is looking for families who would like to join the family.  They have a list of runners who are eager to be matched to a buddy and start dedicating their runs and inspire each other - alternatively runners are always welcome to join.  Please check the group out here: Who I Run 4 or on Facebook here: IRun4 Michael



  October 10:  J is for... Jumpin' Jehosaphat!!!

Look what just hatched!!!!!



October 11: K is for... Kahli!!!


October 12: L is for... Luscious Long Lashes on our Little Lassie


October 13:  M is for... Managing Mealtime

We have a family of magpies who brought their babies out of their nest for the time today and were teaching them to scratch and forage in the paddock behind us.  Mr and Mrs Magpie are very placid for us,  probably helps we allow them to come and finish off the chicken scraps and feed them the odd tidbit as well ;)  It pays of though.  They don't swoop us and will almost eat out of our hand and allow us super close (although we didn't even try to get close while their babies were out today!)  Apparently they make a rather brilliant pet - not sure on the legalities of keeping a pet maggie though ;)


October 14: N is for... New Dress

Aerynn was not quite sure about modelling in the crisp weather we were experiencing today though...


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