Sunday, October 25, 2015

Best Made Plans and Newness!

Ugh!  Organising myself and this family is becoming so much more of a charge than I originally banked on.  The younger kids and myself are ok, but I'm getting friction and angst from the older kids.  It seems that teenagers do not like toeing the line - who would have thunked it!?!?!  

Besides the family etc I have my tupperware business to try and keep organised and transparent so I know when and where and how long etc etc and then I've also been invited to join a cohort of photographers at The Arcanum which is a great privilege and one I can't really turn down if I want to progress with my photography.. so there's quite a lot going on and that's just for me!!!  

Getting organised is something I NEEEEEEEEED to do...  but I really wish I had a magic wand to do it all at once.  

So best made plans need adjusting, and newness has added a whole new layer of funness (yes I know there is no such word but I'm using it regardless) into the mix.

Oh and apparently I'm on the hunt for a new mate for Trixie-Belle as she is running away to look for other doggy friends and she needs one here to help keep her calm and with company... and sheesh!  One day life will be calm, and settled and organised and and and.... who am I kidding??  6 kids, running my own business, training, study and kids health needs???  Pfft smooth sailing is a pipe dream :/ 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Up and Down

That's life at the moment.  I am struggling through some things with the kids...  And then Aerynn is currently going through some kind of bug at the same time.  

The kids new paed in Adelaide is confident Toby has autism and has booked him an assessment at the end of November, and Miss A and Mr D are also booked in to see an immunologist as As reactions to vaccinations and illness are abnormal and D's never been tested for his allergies.  

Ahhh life is never boring in this household!  

So end of November I somehow have to find a money tree as the kids appointments alone are going to see me almost $3000 out of pocket! That's not including accommodations, food and transport as all these appointments are 500KM away from home (one way) and spread over 2 days...  



I so need to get myself more organised again.  I need to start back with meal planning and working on daily routines - not to mention keeping up this blog to make sure I have some idea on where I am going and have been...

I've also started back with Photo a Day again.  Started on October 1... so far I'm up to day 9 and not skipped a beat - winning!  LOL  

Ok, dinner time.. apparently the kids are starving...  Hamburgers and salad on the menu for dinner as spring has struck with temperatures in the mid 20's and low 30's *Cs and I'm melting!!!