Sunday, May 4, 2014

The New "us"

I've had a few blogs.  Moderately successful in the form of "self therapy" I guess if I could coin the phrase ;)  But yesterday my eldest son messaged me asking me to remove all references of him as kids at school had googled his name and discovered I had mentioned he had Aspergers Syndrome on there and he was afraid of the repercussions.  So rather than remove him I chose to remove the blog from online publication. 

The truth be told, I was kinda looking for an excuse to close the old one off as well.  I didn't fell it represented us any more.  It was "Little Tassie Terrors"  We are no longer living in Tasmania, and 1/4 of our family is now 100% South Australian, and another member is 4/5ths... so it was really time for a change. 

So this is a new us.  We are trying to embrace that we are not fully linked back to Tasmania any longer.  We have uprooted ourselves and are pushing forward with building a new life and raising our family in another state, thousands of kilometers away from our family.  We are forging ahead, alone and working hard to stay united and strong. 

So this will be our online home for the time being.  It will be my new "self therapy" and a place we can record the trials and the triumphs of our lives.

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