Monday, May 5, 2014

~ Home ~

Standing outside, snapping photos of Mr T walking in his casts and breathing in the damp air perfumed with woodsmoke.  It dawns on me that no matter what the future holds that we love this little town where we live at the moment. 

The locals complain about the weather but for us it is super mild.  Very few winter frosts, lots of rain in the winter and when changing seasons. It does get super hot (well for us soft Taswegians) in summer, but we have air con for surviving that ;)

~ Our Children, Our Town ~
January 3, 2014
This is a tiny town of around 200 residents, give or take a few as jobs change and others realise they can't handle the "remoteness" of living 30kms from shops, delis, etc... We are on the highway, smack bang in the middle of a pine plantation - which incidentally is giving my allergies grief as they harvest a parcel of trees around us.  It's a "blink and you'll miss it" kind of place.  We have a wonderful primary school, a petrol station (which is closing in June unless they can find a new leaseholder) and a small family run deli (also on the market) which stocks basics, a few alcoholic bevvies and the local paper.  The post office is quaint (and like the other services in the area, also for sale!!).  There is no mail delivery here so everyone rocks up for a chat each day (or couple of days if we are being lazy) and to collect our mail from the post mistress.  It's basic, it's kinda remote, it's quiet and it suits us to the ground!

Our house is by no means a palace, but it is big enough for our family of 8, and functional.  At the moment the dishwasher has died and taps are dripping (some not working) but it is dry, warm and we have a roof over our heads, solid floor under our feet and more - trust me, we have been in much much MUCH worse!!!  One day we hope to purchase this property and really become a full time resident here!  Long range plans that we hope will become short term targets very very soon :) 

Defying predictions he can't walk in his bi-lateral foot casts.
May 5, 2014
So I am here, clicking away with my camera... 

Listening to the galahs, black cockatoos and rosellas all singing their songs as the sun starts to create a misty steam rise from the damp earth and I realise that we are home.  This is home.  I love the quiet, I love this town, I love this house...  I love that this is where we have ended up :) I hope and pray that in many many years to come we will still stand on the front deck, listening to the trees drip the excess water off their leaves from the overnight rains, smelling the wood smoke perfumed air and listening to the screech of the parrots who colour up the trees in our front yard...  We hope and pray that this little town will accept us and that we can finally start putting down roots and settling our family :)

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