Sunday, May 25, 2014


The start of a new week dawns.  I'm enjoying one last coffee before bedtime (yes I know, it will probably keep me awake, but I neeeeeeded something for me) with a Scotch Finger biscuit.  Five minutes ago Miss A also helped herself to the buttery treat, insisting that I "open it" before handing her over the vertically broken fingers of biscuit. 

Hubby is on the couch.  Propped up with a few folded over blankets rather than the cushions which are strewn around the floor (evidence of a pillow fight during the earlier hours of the evening no doubt)  He has his iPad propped on his chest watching re-runs of The Pretender series. 

Miss A is perched on a small edge of the same couch her daddy is lounging on.  She is trying to stay awake by giving an animated narration of the Bubble Guppies she is trying to watch on Nick Junior.  The narration slows and stumbles as her eyes start to droop ever so slightly as time goes on.  She will be fast asleep and ready to be transferred into her bed within minutes.

Mr T is fast asleep, in his cot besides me.  Every now and then he moves.  Sometimes to but his nose (I think he may have a slight allergy) or to change sleeping sides.  Occasionally he pushes his head up into the air like a curious seal looking around his beach...  T, however doesn't open his eyes.  Just a big stretch, a sigh then snuggling back into his flannelette sheets and under his soft baby blankets. 

The other children are all fast asleep. 

Miss K has had a mini tantrum and refused to eat her dinner.  She has been asleep the longest. Her suitcase is packed ready for her to go to her weekly boarding home where we are getting intense assistance and guidance for her current situation.  She has packed her case roughly, I will need to repack and fold her garments before I go to bed and make sure nothing has been missed. 

Mr W and Mr D are also well into their journeys to the land of nod.  Mr W is curled up in a crescent shape in his bed with Princess Trixie scooched up in the hollow his body has created.  Miss Trixie has fast become a great companion for all the children.  Mr W and Mr D both have had time unwell this weekend.  Thankfully they have both bounced back super quickly and vibrantly.  Today there was no sign that they had even been unwell at all, instead they bounced around, teased and needled their way through the day... Lots of fun and laughs as they learn their boundaries with our newest family member.

Mr A has been unwell these last 24 hours.  Unfortunately a tummy bug has invaded our precarious borders and breached our immune systems.  Four out of six children have fallen victim so far... we are awaiting the final two to fall overnight.  So far Mr B and I have been able to dodge the nasty bullet... here's hoping we can continue to dodge it!  That said, we are both under the weather... exhaustion I believe would be the doctors diagnosis.  Aching, tired, sleepy and a bit more tired and a few more aches to finish us both of.  Pushing through hasn't been easy but one must when your children need reassurance and nursing through the winter lurgies.

So here I sit.  Typing.  My oversized, partly finished crochet afghan to one side, listening to the sounds of my family settling for the night.  Knowing that another full week is upon us.  We have several appointments from Tuesday right through to Friday which will prevent me from being home and feathering our nest.  Instead we will be on the road watching the clock trying in vain to make each appointment on time and appearing to be some kind of sane.  I'm soaking up a few hours of being alone.  No child pulling at my top or my arm or my leg or calling for attentions.  I'm enjoying the feeling that I recognise from long ago of relaxing... a slight tingle that is creeping up my body from my toes and fingertips.  It's a novel experience to be feeling calm and having these sensations... it's been so long since I have been relaxed.  I know it wont last for ling... but I can still remember it and recognise it... hopefully it is something that will come by more often. 

So I sit.

I listen.

I feel.

I relax.

For the first time in such a long time... 



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