Sunday, May 18, 2014

Another Day... Another... hmmm... 50c?

So this weekend was declared "reclaim the house weekend" 

Everyone had set tasks and mostly performed them without too much fuss - I know, I know!  Knock me over with a feather!!!! I think the fact any coins that were found became the property of the finder and bribes of chemical laden fizzy drinks and greasy BBQs at the park were offered ;)  LOL

The house hasn't been fully reclaimed, but we are well on the way.  And a sum total of 50c has been located and claimed in the process.

So, I guess I should state the reason for this action all of a sudden?


here she is....

Princess Trixie-Belle 
is joining our family 
Thursday afternoon :)

She is a Maltese cross Shi-tzu puppy and was selected with the plan to be a companion dog to our German Shepherd-X which we sadly no longer have.  So instead she will have every-ones attention and spoilings for herself :)  We are so excited to have a canine family member again!!! 

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