Thursday, May 8, 2014

~ In search of a money tree ~

Oh so tired.



On the edge...

Yesterday took it's toll. 6 appointments in one day and a grocery shop to boot.  We thought getting all the appointments done at once would make sense, it did, but... There was a price to be paid.  The invoices for that started rolling in during the afternoon as the full on day pulled Mr D into "Meltdown Town". 


During our paed appointment for Mr D he had an initial assessment for being on the autism spectrum.  The paed isn't accredited in SA for diagnosis but is very experienced and would be able to diagnose in other states.  So as she wasn't accredited she couldn't state a full diagnosis, what she could say was that he has many indicators and mannerisms which point towards a diagnosis of autism and that we should prepare for a diagnosis.  She wants him assessed and formally diagnosed ASAP so we can plug into support and therapy for both him, the family and for school.  So we are now on the hunt for a money tree.  Public wait times for assessments are in excess of 12 months here (the public system only allocated 8 assessments PER YEAR in the Lower SE of SA where we live!!! how ridiculous is that?!?!?!) and even private will be a 3-6 month wait time.  So now on top of everyday family expenses we now need to try and raise $1500 minimum to pay outright for assessments so we can get our boy some help to deal with life and reach his maximum potential.  

So anyone with a money tree that grows legitimate Australian dollars please take a cutting for me so I can try and get our own happening.  This is the last thing we really needed to be facing, as much as we knew we were heading down the assessment route we didn't think he was so bad that he needed a diagnosis ASAP.  I mean, yes, he is bad, he is not coping but I think we were fooling ourselves with how we we
(and Mr D) were all coping.

Lots of phone calls and reading to be done.  With changes in funding we need to work out what we are looking at and where we are headed.  Up until now I've been playing "ostrich" and trying to ignore all references to NDIS etc but we now have to start learning, accepting and fighting for the best for Little D. 

I'm confused.

I'm tired.

I'm ready for a break...

But I'm determined and wont give up on any of our kidlets xxx

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