Friday, May 15, 2015

Admission of....

Pathetic blog-itis...  I think I have a terminal dose of this terrible affliction....  

BUT I'm hoping now I have what appears to be a more stable internet connection at the moment that maybe I will feel more inclined to hit the keyboard, point the camera and have more to share and record for my family memories preservation sake ;)  

Coming up in the coming days I hope to have a little tutorial using a new pattern by Lorelei Jayne - up cycling some old jeans into a cute new bag... also adding more recipes as I find more that I like and have adjusted for our families tastebuds etc etc

Oh and in the meantime, I've not been sitting here twiddling my thumbs..  have been nursing the family through a dreadful dose of a cold...  in all seriousness Aerynn and Toby both developed croup with it, Aerynn was particularly bad and suffered for over a week with her croup :(  but we are all on the mend at long last :)  

ummm not sure what else to add.  Earlier today I had a great idea for a blog post... i've already forgotten what it was hahaha  Ahhh momma brain at it's best ;)  

now I go and prepare for a tupperware open home I have running all day... hoping that maybe I will have some people drop by and at the very least enjoy some yummy tea, coffee and fresh from the new oven scones with jam and cream ;)  :D 

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