Sunday, November 9, 2014

So much to do....

Madness, I tells ya, pure madness!!!

The next month is going to take it's toll.  2 trips to Adelaide, a Christmas Parade, Christmas organising, teenage school issues, My school stuff (or working out if it's even possible for me to study!) and then regular family life and dealing with our day to day things on top...

List making is going to be the thing to get us through...

A weekly list of general things.

A Christmas preparation list.

Adelaide trip lists x 2 - one for each trip

Menu planning

and kids therapy lists for both daily and weekly therapy and where we are going to squeeze it in!

At the moment I'm feeling very out of control...  I'm hoping woking out what needs doing, in what order and when will help us feel a smudge calmer and confident that we can complete this month with a little sanity left in reserve...  Here's hoping!!

Starting with    this weeks list...  


  • Monday 
        • 9am - high school
  • Tuesday
        • 2.30 Podiatry Mr T
        • 4.30 - Millicent, Aleks lizard
  • Wednesday 
        • 12.45 primary school re autism SA visit
        •  2.00 group therapy
        •  3.30 groceries (Must take shopping list!!!)
  • Thursday
        • 8.45 Paediatrician Miss A
        • 11.30 Speech therapy Mr T and Mr D
        • 4pm Rubys drop off Miss K
  • Friday
        • 8am Rubys pick up Miss K
        • 9am Drop Trixie-Belle at vet for de-sexing
        • 10am Sensory Processing meeting
  • Saturday
        • 11am Christmas Parade - Mt Gambier
        • School lunchbox baking
  • Sunday
        • Mamabake - Christmas puddings, dry mixes, vanilla paste and stocks

To do:
  • Menu Plan
  • 2.5 hr study block x 7
  • list for Adelaide medical appts
  • list for Special Childrens Christmas Party weekend
  • Update and organise Aerynns medical diary
  • Drops in Tobys ears


  • Therapy Mr D - brushing 2-3 hourly, therapy box 20 mins, weighted therapy 10-15 mins, whole body activity 10-15 mins.
  • Sensory Play all children interested 20-30 mins/day
  • 5-10 minutes AUSLAN with Mr T

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