Monday, November 17, 2014

Madness week 1 is here... and Menu Planning

This week we prepare for our weekend in Adelaide.  the weekend itself should be nothing more than relaxing and listening to the waves, gulls and palms in the breeze as we put our feet up at Adelaide Shores Adventure Caravan Park...  but the Friday and Monday surrounding the weekend are going to be busy busy...  Not only are we doing the 500km trip to and from Adelaide but both days have medical appointments and we can't miss any of them!

So this week is lots of housework, list making, packing, stressing (because that's what I seem to do best) and planning to make sure we haven't missed anything, any one or the likes ;)

So menu planning this week is literally using up what we have and going to be for the fortnight starting from today (Monday).  We don't want to do any big shops over the next week and a half while we are going to be in and out and away so boring, pantry staples it is going to be ;)

  • MENU PLAN: November 19th - 26th

    •  Monday:  Slow cooked Porcupine Meatballs and Pasta
    •  Tuesday:  Pasta Alfredo  with Schnitzels
    •  Wednesday: BBQ or Rissoles with Salad
    •  Thursday:  Marinated Chicken with Steamed Veg
    •  ** Friday: On the Road - Takeaway? Maybe chicken and salad from Woolies
    •  ** Saturday: 
      • Lunch -  Cold Meat and Salad Sandwiches
      • Dinner - BBQ with Pasta Salad and Coleslaw
    •  ** Sunday:
      • Lunch -  2 Minute Noodles
      • Dinner -  BBQ with Salad
    •  ** Monday:  On the Road - Takeaway
    •  Tuesday:  (Steve and Jess here)
          •  BBQ with Salad lunch 
          • Slow cooked Beef Casserole
    •  Wednesday:  Chicken Mignons with Steamed Veg

      ** Back up meal:  BBQ with Potato Salad

    ** indicates day in Adelaide or on the road

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