Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Menu Planning umm.. errr.. yeah that!

It's been one heck of a week here.  Mr W has been attending some soccer try-outs for a regional representative side that is playing in Adelaide later this month.  We said he could try out, he's not played soccer since we left Tassie so thought nothing will really come of it... but guess what?  HE WAS SELECTED!!!!  We have a SAPSASA soccer representative in da house :D  Then came the sudden realisation that this trip to Adelaide is in 4 weeks... we read the paperwork that then states that it is all to be covered by us, including an additional $60 registration and insurance fee and they recommend we have him privately covered for accidents insurance, oh and we pay for acommodation, food and travel OH and an adult but be with him at all times... Soooooo, we immediately thought  EEEEEEPPPPP!!!!  At least it is only for the weekend - WRONG! It's a FULL WEEK!!!!!!  *doh* last time we say "yeah sure, go for it" and not reading all the fine print or expecting him to get through;)

We don't want to deny any of our kidlets the opportunity to experience or achieve so we have a very real awakening that our budget is taking a HUGE blow.  We are estimating it is going to cost around $1500 for the trip - at least. 

So no menu planning this week.  Instead of buying in groceries for a set plan I am going to do a stocktake on our pantry and freezers this weekend instead and try to whittle back any small savings where we can and become inventive with what we fine... I foresee a fortnight of interesting breads and rice dishes ;)  We have our 2 iphone 5s that we just upgraded so we will sell them to raise some money and we may have to look at selling one of our cows (we have 2 x 2 year old steers we have on a friends property fattening up for the freezer) to cover the expenses. 

It's going to be tight, but we will do it - always seem to somehow :) 

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